Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Use A Thank You Banner At The Bottom Of Your Hubpage or Squidoo

You can use a thank you banner to thank your reader's for stopping by and viewing your content.

Here is the full banner, you need to crop the one's you want to use.


Add Welcome Banner's To Your Hubpage or Squidoo

Give your reader's a greeting when they read your hub.

Here is the full banner with different font's, you can crop out the one's you like in paint.But first make sure to right click, save pic as, so you can crop it. Enjoy

Page Dividers

You can use page divider's in your hub to separate valuable information that is often overlooked. When you have alot of content in your hubpage, it get's pushed together and the reader get's annoyed half way through.

Tip- Use thinner page divider's between your text capsules.Just add it as a photo capsule (half).

Here are some good one's

*Right click,and click save picture as*

Check back later for more divider's